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February 16th, 2017

5 Easy Ways to Get FREE Songs for Saplings Music

Our goal is for families, churches, and ministries to be firmly rooted in a clear understanding of Scripture – especially the Gospel of Christ – and then to have tools for teaching and sharing this knowledge with others. Our music is designed as an easy, enjoyable and lasting way to learn God’s truths. Then we hope you will use it to reach many others!

1. Join our Free Music Subscription

By signing up, you receive FREE downloads of all six “Questions with Answers” albums over six months. You also receive accompanying study resources like lyrics, chords and helpful tips for utilizing our music. Sign up and tell your friends too! Spread the word about our FREE music page on social media.

2. Listen for Free on Music Streaming Sites

You can listen to our albums for FREE and access our lyrics while you listen.

Did you know that all of our albums are available for Free streaming and listening on Spotify? Even our albums that are in other languages, like French, Spanish, and Ukrainian!

3. Join Our Church Partnership Program

When you become a Church Partner we provide FREE DOWNLOAD codes and written resources that can be used by your church congregation. Help us to connect with your church, so more people can get this FREE music!! Tell your church about Songs for Saplings and prompt them to enroll. It’s so easy.

We also provide Free Music For Missionaries.

4. Listen on YouTube

You can stream all our music for Free on YouTube.

Check out our YouTube Channel

5. Share Our Music With a Friend

Help others receive our music for FREE!
You can:

SHARE and recommend Songs for Saplings’ FREE Music Subscription, streaming sites and links with friends on social media or email. You can share this article or links to our Free music on Facebook!

DONATE to provide Songs for Saplings’ FREE Music to families and churches around the world.

We are currently planning and working to translate our music into Arabic, Spanish, Swahili and Mandarin as a FREE resource for many families, churches and ministries. Your donation is a significant gift that makes our FREE music available to others - enabling them to be firmly rooted in Scripture AND to proclaim the Gospel to others. Would you consider providing our music around the world as a monthly donor or with a single gift?

Happy listening!