The Questions with Answers Study Booklet NEW

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The Questions with Answers music series is designed to help children learn the foundations of the Christian faith. This booklet is meant to be used as an aid to memorizing the scripture truths sung in the Questions with Answers music series.

The Questions with Answers music series is organized in 6 Volumes:

Vol. 1: God and Creation

Vol. 2: The Fall and Salvation

Vol. 3: Christ and His Work

Vol. 4: The Word of God

Vol. 5: Prayer and The Sacraments

Vol. 6: Christ and His Return

For ease of memorization, the lyrics to each song have been separated into 3 components: question, answer, and scripture verse.

May your faith increase as you listen and sing the Word of God with your children. “So faith comes from hearing and hearing through the Word of Christ.” Romans 10:17